Thinking of escaping the city?


26 Aug Thinking of escaping the city?

The Coronavirus lock down has had an unprecedented impact on life in the UK, and across the world. Being stuck at home has made many people recognise that they need to change their lifestyles and their living situations. We have seen a big change in househunters’ priorities with nearby green spaces and gardens some of the most searched for terms.

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Benefits of country living

We have had a higher than usual volume of people currently living in the City looking to cash in on their small high-value properties in exchange for more spacious properties with gardens, local green spaces and good travel connections to the city. Of course, with the ‘new normal’ beginning to take shape we are seeing employers embrace homeworking strategies and so larger properties are much more likely to be able to accommodate new home office spaces.

It seems that easy access to nightlife, shops and restaurants has lost its appeal somewhat; with people choosing trading in the city life for an escape to the country.

Leaving the City

Moving from the city to the countryside or suburbs can get you much more space for your money. For the same price as a one-bedroom flat in the city you could pick up a three or four bedroom property with its own garden and off street parking. We’re not talking hours away from London either, from Slough you can be in Paddington within 30 minutes.

We have also found that the cleaner air and green spaces on you door step has contributed to many choosing a life in the countryside. While proximity to family and good schools has always been a factor in the property search, the pandemic has brought that into a much sharper focus and we are finding more and more families reuniting to the same neighbourhood.

Working in the countryside

The pandemic has been challenging for everyone, but it has presented a number of opportunities for city workers and their employers to reassess their work life strategies. Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics show 86% of people are currently working from home.

With most of the country having access to decent broadband services, we are likely to see a much higher proportion of the workforce working more hours from home than before the pandemic; and with geography a moot point, now could be the best time to capitalise on selling a city pad and getting out to the countryside.

Downside to country living

While country living has many benefits, you will find that you need to compromise on a few of your city comforts. You might not be able to pop out at 2am to grab a latte and you might have to drive to the supermarket.

You might also experience a bit of a culture shock with the sense of community you find in the countryside; you will probably have to make more of an effort with neighbours and the surrounding community but the payoff is worth it in the end.

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image: Mark R Croucher