Landlord Fees

Level of Services

Find a Tenant

First month’s rent inc vat

Fully managed

15% inc vat

Tenancy Administration

£456.00 inc VAT

(includes Ten Agt and more listed further below)

Renewal fee

£180.00 inc VAT

Change of tenancy i.e. periodical

£60.00 inc VAT

Deposit Registration

£30.00 inc VAT

Preparation and service of Notices

£60.00 inc VAT

To begin eviction proceedings

(Please note this only includes us preparing and completing the document and serving the Notice on the tenant; it does NOT include legal proceedings if the tenant needs to be evicted)

Inventory check in and out costs*

This can be arranged by an independent inventory clerk and will range from £180 inc VAT to £260 inc VAT dependent on property size

Please note we reserve the right to charge a check out fee if we are to check the tenant out of your property. We prefer to instruct our independent Inventory Clerk to carry out the check out in which case, the cost will vary.

Landlord withdrawal fees before tenancy commences. £250 inc VAT. To cover costs with marketing, advertising and setting up the tenancy should the landlord withdraw from the tenancy before it has started.

The charges for your Tenancy Administration includes the following:-

  • Preparation and Signing of the Tenancy Agreement
  • Referencing Tenants
  • Right to Rent Checks on All tenants
  • Serving of Prescribed Information
  • Issuing all pre-tenancy documentation that is now a legal requirement such as the following:-1. Energy Performance Certificate

    2. Gas Safety Certificate (if required)

    3. How to Rent Guide

  • Liaising with tenants to ensure funds are received and cleared in good time for move in
Rent Guarantee*

This can be arranged dependent on the rental income at a cost of £300-£390 inc VAT

Gas Certificate*

This can be arranged by our Gas safe engineer at a cost of £90 inc VAT

Electrical Safety Certificate*

This can be arranged by our qualified electrician and costs range from £200 inc VAT to £300 inc VAT subject to the size of property

PAT testing*

£120 inc VAT for 10 appliances

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)*

Can be arranged through our assessor at a cost of £100 inc VAT

Legionella Risk Assessment*

£50 incl VAT per tenancy

Local Authority Licensing Applications*

£150.00 inc VAT per tenancy

Sending Quarterly and Annual Returns to HMRC of Non Resident Landlords *

£84.00 inc VAT

End of Financial year Consolidated Report*

£30.00 inc VAT

End of tenancy dispute fee*

£300.00 inc VAT per tenancy. This charge covers the cost of preparing documentation and sending to the tenant’s deposit scheme and dealing with correspondence.

*These are third party charges and are subject to change/increases