Property Market Boost for 2020

Market boost

28 Jan Property Market Boost for 2020

The housing market bounced back in the late autumn of 2019 with mortgage approvals rising by 7% in November. There was also an increase in the number of applications accepted for those remortgaging, rising by 12.7% year on year. This is likely to the political and economical uncertainty of elections and Brexit.

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A Confident Market

Since 2016 we have seen many people feeling somewhat reluctant to buy or sell their properties, this is largely due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the economy and Government. These ‘wait and seers’ are beginning to lose patience and now that the election is over we have found an increase in buyer demand.

A return of confidence to the market is great news for everyone. We have been stuck in a rut where people don’t have any confidence in the market and so are delaying coming to market with their properties. This means that buyers have a lack of choice of places to buy and so they delay putting their property on the market. What you end up with is a stagnant market. This situation is particularly bad for first time buyers who need houses to become available at the lower end of the ladder.

Good News

The two key factors affecting property transactions are affordability and confidence in the market. With mortgage lenders looking at ways to be more flexible with their lending and government initiatives such as Help to Buy and Stamp Duty relief for first time buyers we are seeing confidence returning to the property market.

With fierce competition among mortgage lenders keeping mortgage rates at record lows, and house prices predicted to rise by around 2-3% across the UK, 2020 is looking like it could be a good year to make your move.

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