Budget-friendly activities you can enjoy in Colnbrook, or in the comfort of your home, in the lead up to Christmas


15 Dec Budget-friendly activities you can enjoy in Colnbrook, or in the comfort of your home, in the lead up to Christmas


As the festive season unfolds in our charming village, we recognise the importance of celebrating without stretching the budget. Here, we’ve collated a selection of cost-effective yet delightful activities that will infuse the holiday spirit into your celebrations without burdening your finances.

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Here’s our top cost-effective festive activity ideas from the team at S John Homes

Pop out to the local Christmas markets & events

Check out local Christmas markets or school fairs happening in Colnbrook. These events often showcase handmade crafts, local products, and festive treats. It’s a great way to enjoy the holiday spirit without breaking the bank all while supporting your community.

Indulge in a little carol singing

Look for community or church-organised carol singing events. Participating in or attending these gatherings can be a wonderful way to enjoy the season’s music and connect with others in the community.

Get crafty with a DIY decorations workshop

Host a do-it-yourself (DIY) Christmas decorations workshop with friends or neighbours. You can pool resources and create decorations together, sharing materials and ideas. It’s a cost-effective and enjoyable way to make your surroundings festive. 

Host a festive movie night at home

Instead of heading to the cinema, organise a cosy festive movie night at home. You can watch classic Christmas films, make some popcorn, get cuddled up and enjoy the comfort of your own surroundings.

Layer up and head out for a winter nature walk

Take advantage of Colnbrook’s natural surroundings with a winter nature walk. Bundle up, explore our local parks, and appreciate the beauty of the season. It’s a low-cost and healthy way to embrace the festive atmosphere.

Suggest a Secret Santa gift exchange

Organise a ‘Secret Santa’ gift exchange with friends, family, or colleagues. Set a budget for the gifts to keep it cost-effective and focus on thoughtful, personalised presents. It adds a touch of excitement and generosity to the festive season without straining your wallet, and everyone gets a little something.

Throw a Christmas potluck dinner party

Host a potluck-style Christmas dinner with friends or neighbours. Each guest can contribute a dish, making it a shared and cost-effective celebration. It also takes the pressure off the host to prepare an entire meal and if you haven’t got to know your neighbours well yet, it might be the perfect excuse to get together – you might just find new friends for the new year!

Remember, the essence of the festive season lies in the joy of sharing and spending time with loved ones. These activities should provide a delightful and budget-friendly way to celebrate Christmas this year in Colnbrook.

May your celebrations be filled with the genuine warmth of our community, the delight of local discoveries, and the magic that defines Colnbrook. From the team at S John Homes, here’s to a season of joy, togetherness, and unforgettable moments and remember, if you’re looking to move in the new year our team are here and happy to assist you in your search throughout December.

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