7 ways to get in to a festive mood before the big day


19 Dec 7 ways to get in to a festive mood before the big day

Christmas is considered to be the most wonderful time of year, full of over-indulging, festive celebrations and this year getting back to spending time with our loved ones. We all celebrate in different ways, some of us have packed out our calendars with cocktails, canapes and work parties, and popping in to visit older family members; others have busy lives tending to school affairs; from packing teacher gifts to watching their little ones as a star in the nativity and wondering when the elves will arrive to help wrap the presents – and pulling it all off by the 25th!

However, we know it can be difficult to get into the mood with the mental overload at this time of year, so with a week left, we thought we’d help you to get into a festive mood by bringing you our top 7 ways to get a bounce in your step, the tinsel up, and in a proper cheery mood ahead of the big day.

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Pop the TV on and cosy up –  Maybe an obvious and easy one with the current temperatures outside. Grab an Oodie, fluffy socks and pop on Home Alone. Still not ready? Go for The Grinch or A Christmas Carol, that might just do the trick.

Head on down to a panto – Pantomimes are everywhere, book one in and head on down for a bit of “oh no he didn’t, oh yes he did!”. Audience participation is encouraged, and a real cheery mood created. You’ll be bouncing out of there feeling ready to tackle the tree, last minute presents and the food shop!

Light some festive scented candles – From mulled wine, cinnamon, pine, orange to clove, gingerbread, rosemary and thyme. Fill your home with the scents of Christmas and have all the best memories floating back in.

Get out and about – Soak in the festive atmosphere at a local pub or restaurant, take a stroll through a park, get your nose all red and head home for a movie, as mentioned above!

Shop local – We totally get that Christmas shopping can be an awful experience. But it doesn’t have to be! Take it easy, shop local and support your town, it may just help put a meal on their table.

Bake a treat at home – There is nothing more satisfying than when others enjoy your baked goods. You don’t have to go wild. Fill your home with the scent of Cookies or Gingerbread, and soak it all in.

Sight see, go in search of Christmas lights – Facebook is great for finding out about the best local attractions and the streets to visit for free, or venture out a bit further to Christmas light extravaganzas, they’ll have you feeling all bright and merry.

So there it is, when you’re not busy browsing for a new home, 7 ways to get you in the festive mood and ready for Christmas next week.

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