Top tips for preparing your home for sale this Autumn


29 Nov Top tips for preparing your home for sale this Autumn

If you’ve been thinking of selling your home, you might be thinking you’ve missed the boat and considering waiting until spring. However; we say don’t wait that long! If you’re worried that autumn isn’t the right time to get the wheels in motion, here are a number of reasons why now is a great time to sell and how to present your home to potential buyers. Don’t wait for spring to come, take a step forward now and be settled yourself by spring.

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Why now is a good time to put your home on the market

Buyers tend to have a move date in mind

Autumn has arrived and so comes along all of the plans and thoughts for Christmas and the new year. Many want a new home in time for Christmas or to start the new year with a new house to make a home. We’ve had a busy summer; many people book in curious viewings as the days are brighter and warmer, and the get up and go is easier. When you get to autumn you get the more serious buyers, with a time frame in mind, that tend to book viewings on properties that they are more likely to offer on. The days are shorter so time for viewings is more precious and so is the focus on the end goal.

Number of homes coming onto the market is quieter than during other seasons

Spring is known as the busiest time for our industry for homes coming onto the market, so take advantage of the quieter months by getting your home listed and more easily seen by buyers keen to move for the new year. Buyer demand is still present, there are many people looking for the same properties so competition is still very high vs number of properties available. A new home on the market that is presented well stands out to the buyer.

How to present your home

Presentation is key for encouraging buyers to picture their lives in your property. It’s getting cold outside; the trees are turning a range of beautiful golden colours and the air is feeling cooler, so it’s time to invite people inside. Spring and summer sales are really focused on the space of the garden, how open and airy the home is, when it gets to autumn people are looking for the cosy factor, and you can do many things to make your home warm and inviting.

First impressions count

When the buyer first arrives at your home the exterior creates their first impression. Gathering up leaves, cutting the lawn, clipping back trees, and trimming of dead heads, and ensuring that the garden is tidy sets the perfect tone before they even reach the front door. Another top tip is to hide the bins, this can be done with housing for them or finding a different place for them to be stored so that they aren’t the first thing that a buyer sees. If you don’t have much choice in where the bins go, ensure that they are clean, tidy and numbered neatly.

If you’re having viewings in the early evening ensure to light up outside, and make your house number/name easy to see so that the buyer hasn’t found it hard to locate you, creating a feeling of stress before they’ve reached your property.

Going the extra mile

If needed you may want to consider cleaning your cladding or repainting, ensuring that a fresh exterior greets the buyer. Check your guttering too, autumn brings lots of fallen leaves and heavy rain so you don’t want blocked gutters to steal the focus.

Ensure to replace any old door mats as wiping of boots is likely to be essential before stepping inside and the feel and look of a mat is likely to be noticed during this season. Your front door is the ideal place to add your first touch of autumn, by hanging an autumnal themed door wreath.

Warm and cosy on arrival

Your buyer will be coming in from the cold so they might not necessarily want to take off their shoes if they are feeling a bit chilly, by providing shoe covers is one way to protect your home but to also make them feel comfortable to explore your home if they wish to keep their shoes on.

Heating your home, while we know that energy use is in question a lot at the moment, being smart with your heating can set the tone when stepping inside. You don’t want to be too hot that they need to escape, and you don’t want to be too cold that they can’t relax, so plan your heating or your log burner to reach the right temperature before your buyer arrives and they are more likely feel comfortable enough at the door to remove their shoes.

Think orange, brown, and setting a welcoming tone

We’re talking about autumnal colours, bringing the outside-inside in many creative ways; pumpkins, root veg, fallen leaves, spices. Fruit bowls can be refilled with autumnal themed vegetables, vases filled with leaves and twigs, while scented warm glowing candles can add to the ambiance to the room.

Orange, browns and neutral colours can be easily added through cushions, throws, cosy rugs and layered bedding. Getting the lighting right is essential for this time of year, especially on a darker day. Carefully placed lamps, candles, and mirrors, are useful in brightening up areas of your home.

Clean your carpets and dust down your home

After all of the coming and going of summer, flip flops, bare feet, and pets running from outside in, can dull your carpets. A clean carpet can be seen and felt by buyers. It is also a good time to declutter and show as much floor space as you can.

Cobwebs are great for Halloween but not great for selling your home. Dusting down corners, behind and around doors, and wiping off table tops and televisions can help to provide a cleaner glimpse into living areas, as your home and furniture will sparkle.

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