Top reasons people decide to move to a new home

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20 Jul Top reasons people decide to move to a new home

To put your home on the market and look for a new one can be a difficult decision to make, sometimes you know you’ve stayed too long but you haven’t acted upon it as it feels like too big a change, for many there is an emotional or sentimental connection with their current home but they know it just doesn’t meet their current needs. We know there is a huge list of things to consider.

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Many of our clients have come to us in the same position, it has been a difficult decision for them but they want to find something that better suits them. However, once they find their dream property it is clear that they made the right decision to pack up the boxes. We have put together some of the top reason people decide to move, if any are relatable it may mean it’s time for you and your family to consider making a move.

Here are the top 7 reasons many give when deciding it’s time to move;

The commute to work  

The cost of fuel is increasing and with concerns for the environment being a hot topic many have reassessed the commute to work. Many consider moving themselves closer to their workplace or closer to public transport networks to cut down on the commute.

No longer needing to commute

Many people have now transitioned into work-from-home roles so they are looking for a change at home to accommodate space for this. Others are realising a more desirable home location is the priority. Covid-19 created a real need to take care of mental health and drove an interest in being around more green space for walking and reconnecting with nature.

The house feels too small

Many first homes are purchased alone or in a couple, however; as life progresses, and kids, pets or even elders need to move in, the house that was once spacious and cosy is now cramped and uncomfortable. Covid-19 forced many to spend more time at home, with a real shift to home working and at-home hobbies extra space for things such as a home office or garden are top of the search lists.

The house feels too big 

On the other hand, many are finding that their homes are just too big for them. Times change, the kids move out, visitors are less, bills are increasing, time and energy for pets, cleaning or maintaining a home becomes limited. While there can be an emotional connection involved with a long-standing family home, many take the decision to move whilst it is still in their control to do so.

School catchment areas

Sometimes the home does not sit within the catchment area for the school that is desired and therefore to get a place within the school a move is key. Properties within just a few meters of each other can have a different value based on which catchment area that they are in.

Having a better network or more space to themselves

Many found Covid-19 lockdowns difficult to be away from family & friends so they are now considering moving closer to loved ones in case it was to happen again. Others realise a quiet place to enjoy their surrounding with less hustle and bustle or bumping into crowds of people is better for their health overall.

Just in need of a change

Some people just wake up and know they just aren’t happy and they need to change something. That could be internal or external to their home. Some find that their home is ageing but they don’t have the skills or time for DIY so they look for a new build with all the shiny additions. Or others are bored of the same plain walls and have more time on their hands and budget constraints means buying that bigger but older ‘fixer-upper’ home is more achievable. It could just be that they want to walk outside to something different.

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