Eviction Ban in England Extension Confirmed


26 Mar Eviction Ban in England Extension Confirmed

With the gradual easing of the lockdown restrictions in England and Wales, we have seen a number of the Government supported property schemes being extended. For home buyers, the Stamp Duty Holiday was extended until June with a transition period until the end of September; this money saving scheme has also been joined by a new mortgage guarantee scheme, details of which you can find in our blog.

It looks like the property market will continue to be a busy place so if you’re thinking about moving, now might be the best time; if you are looking to move in the near future make sure you get in touch with us on 01753 683000 or email us.

Eviction Ban

The eviction ban in England was first introduced in March 2020 as part of the emergency legislation to help people whose finances had been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. While the ban has been extended a couple of times the current one was due to expire on March 31. This has now been extended until the 31 May, as has the requirement for landlords to give their tenants a six-month notice period before they can evict them.

Good News

This is excellent news for tenants who have struggled financially during the Covid-19 pandemic to pay their rent. The lockdowns have had a devastating effect on the livelihood of many people across the country and so, this news will be welcomed by those in the hardest hit sectors.

In a bid to keep people in their homes, a free mediation service has also been set up to help landlords and tenants resolve any disputes without having to go through the court system. We believe any solution which keeps people homed is a good one and so, we welcome this.

What to do if you can’t pay your rent.

Communication is key, if you are struggling to pay your rent, it is important that you speak to your landlord or letting agent as soon as possible. There are a number of things which can be done to help the situation.

Landlords with mortgages and buy-to-let mortgage customers qualify for the mortgage holiday in the expectation that they pass this saving on to their tenants should they deem it necessary. However, this scheme ends on 31 July.

Check whether or not you are eligible for some of the government support benefits, such as universal credit or SEISS. You may also be able to get a Discretionary Housing Payment from your local authority.

If you can afford to pay some of but not all of your rent, speak to your landlord and see if you can work out a payment plan with a view to making up the shortfall once the lockdown is lifted.

It is important not to bury your head in the sand, as the leading lettings agent in Colnbrook and the surrounding areas we are experienced in dealing with all kinds of issues, so make sure you speak to us before the situation gets out of control. We’re here to help.

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